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Cocktail Creation

Mise en place 



Cocktail Creation

Up to 10 Signature Cocktails, up to 400 people capacity;

- 1st & 2nd Draft Menu approval process;

- Menu Introduction and Training for Staff;

- Prep/Mis-en-place training for staff;

- Bar Bible including cocktail menu syllabus and kitchen requisition documents.

- Nectar Mixologists onsite for Menu Launch to ensure execution & quality control of cocktails;

- 3-Month follow up on sales & quality control.


Syrups & Purees can be sold separately or they can be pre-mixed and balanced.

Delivered per 1L container (Average of 40 drinks per liter).

*     All reasonable menu changes within the 3-month follow-

up process will be offered as part of this service.

*     Staff Training for cocktail packages are based on one location. An additional location will incur an extra 

fee, per location/ per 3-hour training session.